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Dragon Palm Tiger Fist: Brothers

The first novel in a dramatic new series from Jonathan Collingwood

In the ancient orient, when Fei Jin travels to a remote city to start a new life at his old master's school he finds all is not well. The master is missing and the city is in the iron-grip of deadly Kung-fu experts: The Five Snakes.
The young student is thrown into the brotherhood of the martial world - a world of treachery, murder, extortion and epic Kung-fu battles.

This is the beginning of the Dragon Fist Tiger Palm Saga.

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Dragon Palm Tiger Fist book cover

Jonathan Collingwood

Jonathan Collingwood is a fiction author and screenplay writer.

As a child of the 70s he grew up with tales of the incredible martial arts of the orient. These stories lit a spark which grew into love of Chinese Kung Fu and martial arts movies. He is lucky enough to have been an enthusiastic (if not especially talented) student of traditional Chinese martial-arts for nearly twenty years.

He lives in south-west England with his wife and daughters.

Jonathan Collingwood

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